In the PROFILE tab of your shop SETTINGS:

  • Enter your shop name.
  • Choose your POSTCART URL and username.
  • Enter your email contact address and first and last name.
  • Enter the shop address, which also becomes the "shipping from" address.
  • Enter the shop phone (if you have one).
  • Enter the shop country and timezone.
  • Choose the currency you will be selling in and adding to your Instagram posts.

Fill out the shop profile and click SAVE.

Shop Name: Enter the name of your shop or business.

Email: Enter the email address associated with your account.

First Name/Last Name: Enter the account holder first and last name.

Shop Address/City/State/Zip/Postal Code: The address to determine your sales tax rate (if applicable), as well as the sender address for shipping labels.

Shop Phone Number: Enter your personal or shop phone number so customers can contact you. You may also leave this blank.

Shop Country: Enter your business location country.

Timezone: Enter your timezone.

Currency: Enter your selling currency.

Manage Account Password: Click here to update or change your account password.


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