POSTCART uses currency symbols ($, £, €, ¥, kr, CHF) typed in your Instagram post descriptions to automatically create shoppable inventory, where they can be purchased with a click in your POSTCART feed or POSTCART shop.

If you have an existing Instagram profile with photos, before connecting to Instagram for the first time, edit any posts you wish to sync with POSTCART by adding a price (or prices) into the post description. See the example below.

To edit a post description, click the three dots on the top right corner of the image in Instagram. Add the price to the end of each product description text. Typing a currency symbol ($, £, €, ¥, kr, CHF) syncs the image with POSTCART.

If you wish to add hashtags – add them at the end of your post description and after the price. For notes on the use of various currency symbols – visit this article.

A currency symbol must have some text before it and no space between the symbol and the amount. Also, do not use commas in currency amounts such as $1,000. Type $1000 instead.

To sync multiple items in an image, add a price to the end of each item description. POSTCART will sync each item with your insta shop and create an "Add to Bag" button for each item with a price.

To add size or color variations, custom quantities, shipping costs, or real time shipping prices use additional triggers before the currency symbol. To learn about using these types of triggers visit the article: Working With Triggers.

Please note POSTCART syncs with Instagram in real time. POSTCART will not sync posts that are 24 hours old or older except once – the very first time you connect your POSTCART account to your Instagram account.

If you missed the step of adding a currency symbol to older posts before connecting to Instagram contact us.


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