Your POSTCART shop web address is:

After your POSTCART insta shop is built, share it with your Instagram followers. There are a number of ways to share.

  1. Add the POSTCART link in your Instagram profile.

2. Use your profile text to inform followers to shop your Instagram.

3. If your profile link is dedicated to your main website you can create an "Insta Shop" link in your main website's navigation links. That way your customers will be able to quickly find and shop your instagram products. Below is an example of a Squarespace site with a "Shop Our Instagram" link to it's POSTCART products.

4. Use your post descriptions to inform your followers about your insta shop.

5. Use the Instagram Shopping tag with POSTCART's automated product catalog feed.

Check out the variety of ways other shops inform their customers about their POSTCART insta shop. Click the shop name to view.

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